A Vanishing Journalist and Social Apathy

Miro-31The disappearance or, even worse, killing of any human being is always an important matter for any community.

This may be regarded particularly true when concerning a journalist, a police officer or public official.

Due to their involvement in sensitive matters, any strange circumstance or crime involving such professions is, in a large part of the world, a serious matter to be investigated with utmost diligence.

Slovakia can hardly boast a good record in this respect, and here we are not only talking about the large number who went missing during communism, but also more recently.

Once such case involved reporter Palo Rypal, an active investigative journalist who has already been missing for 7 years.

Even that case faded into silence, except for the outspoken GINN project of Martin Dano, which recently reminded the Slovak public about his disappearance.

More recently, in March 2015 a young journalist by the name of Miroslav Pejko disappeared off the face of the earth without a trace.

iro was working at the economic daily Hospodarske Noviny at the time he went missing, mostly on articles related to the energy sector.
Source: The Daily SK


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